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So over the last couple of weeks I’ve recently added a few new bits to my beauty collection, and each item pretty much just screams autumn to me! I may have also brought a number of new wardrobe additions but we will just thank the student loan for that and save that post for another day! So in today’s post I’m going to share with you some autumnal additions,  as I’ve certainly been getting the wear/use out of these lately! 


I adore the typical burnt orange, browns and pinky nudes all year round but this time of the year it’s perfectly acceptable to wear them constantly right?! The first, of a couple of lip products, has been my go to recently! It comes everywhere, sometimes more than my house keys, good job one of my house mates remembers her’s when we go to uni, that’s for sure! And of course that has to be the new Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Lipstick in M101!* I was kindly sent this to review from the fabulous guys from Precious About Makeup, and since receiving it I have been… wait for it… OBSESSED! I really need to think of a new adjective for when I adore a product, but hey what’s new! This shade compliments my skin tone both with fake tan and without, which makes me love it even more as it’s so fuss free I can just throw it on as I’m leaving the house and not worry about it clashing with my makeup or outfit for the day! It’s pretty neutral in colour, perhaps more so on the brown side of a nude, whilst the finish is satin it lasts for such a long time and doesn’t leave me with the ring of death! Girls you know what I mean, that outer bit of lipstick left once the majority of it has worn away!

dsc_1074(MUD Shadow- Sedona |  KVD-Trooper |  KVD- Outlaw | KVD-Magick | MUFE-M101) 

Another new in lip product comes from my first ever Love Me Beauty bag, and of course with the new launch of Kat Von D in the UK, I had to get my hands on a few products! One of which is a mini of the everlasting liquid lipstick in the most perfect shade of red ever! I’ve previously tried this liquid lipstick before, but in the shade Lolita, which I love and most definitely need to own for myself! This is a super opaque liquid lippie that applies evenly and doesn’t dry out in a patchy way! A glowy base, simple eye and a bold lip, what more could you want?!

The final lip product for this post, is again from Kat Von D and it’s a miniature version of studded kiss lipstick! The packaging for a start is so statement, despite the fact that it is rather small! It’s a lot more pink than my normal preference, and it actually contains a lot of glitter which isn’t something that I look for in a lipstick surprisingly, but once on the skin it doesn’t look as though there are big chunks of glitter, so it is a lot more wearable than I initially thought! 


The shadow that has been living in my crease since the start of my second year of uni comes from Makeup Designory* in the shade Sedona. It’s so pigmented, but the littlest bit chalky but I can totally deal with that as I like to apply small amounts and then blend it out, and then repeat these steps in order to build up the colour, rather than adding loads in one go and trying to salvage the autumnal mess on my eyelids! It creates the most gorgeous effect once paired with a matte creamy white shadow for the lid, a simple wing and a tonne of mascara! 

The eyeliner that I’ve been constantly reaching for is this Ink Liner miniature from Kat Von D again! I’m so impressed with the quality of these products so far, I may need to invest in a few more! It’s a pen like liner, with a super thin tip which allows for the a tonne of precision! It glides on easily and doesn’t at all tug on my eye, which is so ideal as my eye area can be so sensitive at times!  And the main thing that I just love about this liner is that it is BLACK!! Not a dark grey, an actual black! 


I kindly received this in the mail a good month or so ago now from the guys at BeautyEssUk  and I have really been testing it out! It’s a dry brush cleaner! Yes, you really did read that right! So the concept behind it is fab, you simply use one brush to create a whole eye look! And you do this by swirling your brush, in between each colour change, into the sponge in order for it to grab hold of the powder and remove it from bristles! Shadow Switch* has quickly become my lazy girls favourite makeup tool, as it means I don’t need to constantly reach for a new blending brush and have a million to clean at the end of the week!

The next discovery that I am loving right now are the Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet masks! So the girls and I all tried them out for the first time a few days ago and since then I have noticed that my face is so much brighter, which is needed with the early mornings and late nights that constantly happen in this house! It’s not like any sheet mask that I’ve previously tried out, as it comes with two layers! If you haven’t tried them out just yet, you basically have a white and a blue layer which are covered in the product, you place the white one on your face so the blue one is facing outwards, and then you peel away the blue one and  just chill for 15 minutes or so! But if you’re anything like my house mates and I, this will be playing some spa music in the dark and then bursting into fits of laughter every 10 seconds! And they are only 99p so they really are worth stocking up on for when your skin needs that little bit of TLC.

The final thing and the latest addition is something that I’ve previously used but is a God send for when you want that extra glowy base! And of course that’s Mac’s Strobe Cream! It’s lightweight in texture and soaks in quickly so your face isn’t left at all greasy! I can just tell I will be applying it before my makeup throughout the whole of the autumn and winter seasons!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a few new additions to my beauty collection, and didn’t find the post too rambly! Let me know if you’ve tried out any of these products for yourself and what you think of them!

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  1. October 12, 2016 / 8:16 pm

    Love all of these, I got sent some PAM beauty bits as well I love them. I’ve been obsessed with the shadow switch it’s a must have item now for me! Great post Hun xo xo

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