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So as you may know I’m working with the fabulous brand Little Bit Lavish, so this post is going to be showing you all exactly what was in the October edit that was themed ‘Sweet Dreams’! And as a self confessed nap queen, I feel like this is quite literally THE best box of goodies ever! Okay, a little background if you aren’t already familiar with this brand… and if not, well hmm shame on you! Little Bit Lavish is a pamper subscription box designed for you girls, or guys who want to invest in a bit of me time! Each month you can expect to receive between 5-7  products, 1 of which is edible, yes you really did read that write! And what I really love about this subscription box is that if you don’t want to commit yourself for 6 months or a year, you even have the option of just doing the 1 month! 


Boomtown Rose Garden Bath Salts | £3.50

Now I’m certainly one of those girls who loves nothing more than lighting a few candles, popping on some music and relaxing in the bath, so whenever I am able to try out a few new products to add to my bath routine I’m certainly in my element, especially after a super stressful day! Not only are these bath salts super cute, and come in the most adorable and may I say Instagrammable packaging, but they are full of vitamin E and sweet almond oils! The scent is super spa like and just makes the whole bath that little bit more relaxing!


Jasmine Silk Eye Mask | £11.00

I thought this was such a brilliant edition to the box! I have such a bad habit of quite literally being able to sleep anywhere! The middle of the day with the light shining on my face, the bedroom floor or even the stairs, it’s all possible, I am the Queen of naps after all! But I had to try this out! It completely blocks out any light and doesn’t at all irritate your eyes whilst wearing it, so it pretty much does exactly what you would expect an eye mask to do right? Plus its super blogger so extra points there!  


Siskyn Night Facial Oil | £32.00

Now, this is MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE SKIN CARE PRODUCT THAT I HAVE TRIED THIS YEAR! Yes I said it and I can’t take it back! Every night I pop a small amount of it all over my  freshly cleansed face and gently pat it in and then drag it slightly down my neck. Then of course I take a rather long nap, and in the morning my face feels refreshed and hydrated and slightly more plump! Ive also noticed over the last couple of weeks that I haven’t had any new breakouts which is something that usually happens when I switch up my skincare routine or add a new product to it! So to say I’m pleased with this would be a slight understatement! It has the most amazing spa like scent to it, which once I’ve put it on my face makes me feel really relaxed, which is exactly what I want just before I go to bed, especially as being at uni means I have a lot more late nights than usual! Also the noisy neighbours makes trying to go to sleep that little bit more difficult… well not for me but my house mates who have also tried and tested this facial oil! Side note, they love it too! 


Kiss the Moon | £4.00

I love this idea of a balm in a tin that you can take with you when you are on holiday, or away for the night! You just pop a small amount of it on your wrists and temples and let it do its thing! A small amount certainly goes a long way with this little gem. In this months box for the edible products, are these 3 teabags! I’m really fussy with my tea and I am not a fan of chamomile at all, however they were greatly received by my friends who love them! 


Tisserand | £13.00

I’ve never tried out any of these mists that you spray before you go to bed before, but I quite like it! Again, like all of these products it seems that it has a really nice spa like scent, which evidently makes me feel super sleepy and relaxed! Just a couple of spritz before I get into bed, on my duvet and pillows makes the whole bed smell of lavender, which isn’t my most favourite scent in the world, but its very subtle! Im not a fan of scents that are too over powering! I love a good facial mist as I find that they are just so easy to add into a routine and now I have one that I can use for my room!

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