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So after a week full of lectures, assignments and evenings watching I’m a Celeb, we all thought it would be a great idea to make the most of the Christmas Markets and Winter Wonderland being in Cardiff, so on Saturday that’s exactly what we did! After a quick run to the car to grab Callum’s coat, a drive back to the house and a shoe change, we all set off to the city centre to start our day of festivities! To nobody”s surprise it was absolutely hectic, I’m pretty sure that’s because of the rugby being on and not the fact that Winter Wonderland was open! We had a quick detour to meet my dad briefly as he was one of the thousands that day watching the game with a friend, and then on we went despite the rain to the markets! 

Crepes, brownies, waffles every single stall seemed to be offering some kind of chocolate covered piece of heaven, so naturally I had to get something! I opted for the brownies, as you probably guessed! The salted caramel one was incredible, so much so that my boyfriend who and I quote, didn’t want one because ‘they just look too sickly’ couldn’t get enough of! The brownie even came with hot chocolate sauce and cream! Needless to say once Callum got hold of it, I was left with just about half! 

winter-wonderland-collageWe then wondered on round to Winter Wonderland in the rain, and surprisingly it didn’t ruin any of our moods! The first thing we came across was this super fast spinny ride with all the flashing lights and music, and yes that’s the technical name for it! Cat and Callum decided that they weren’t quiet brave enough so Cat took charge of my Snapchat and posted a million of me screaming my lungs out! Then we carried on our wonder around the grounds and booked ourselves into the next ice skating session! 


After sneaky selfies on the ice rink and a few tumbles, and just to clarify I didn’t fall over once, we headed over to this chalet styled bar whilst where we all just chatted for a while! Then the CUTEST THING EVER HAPPENED! Unfortunately it wasn’t anything to do with us but a couple directly opposite us in the bar got engaged! The guy did the whole one knee thing and it was so so sweet! And of course she said YES! 

Once we finally got home, I of course took a nap, and then got ready to head straight back St. Davids! For weeks Callum and I have been so excited to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them so after a Nandos we went to see if it lived up to our expectations! Can I say I wasn’t overly impressed by it?! 

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post today!

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