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What I got up to in Amsterdam, 

A little… no, a LOT late… but today finally felt like the perfect time to put together this post all about my time in Amsterdam. After a huge break from blogging, and with the start of 2017, I aim to pour my heart and all my efforts back into ‘Miss Shan Louise’ and make it the best it can be!

So let’s take it back to 2016 where my boyfriend and I planned our first official holiday together, we’ve been away a few times before with family and friend,  but never just us! So for my 20th birthday I knew I wanted to do something slightly different, and spend it exploring a new city! After scrolling through Instagram for hours on end it seemed that every single person in the entire world had spent a weekend in Amsterdam, everyone but me! So naturally that’s where I decided I wanted to go!

We booked our hotel through which is a site I would totally use again if I were to do another city break (Hint Hint Callum, it’s my 21st at the end of the year and New York looks great!) and then a few weeks later we booked our flights with flybe! We flew from Birmingham on Friday the 2nd December and landed in Schipol airport around 10:00am! We jumped on a train and went straight to Amsterdam Central and then strolled round to Dam Square, which was where our hotel, Tulip Inn was located! It happened to be a 20 second walk from the incredibly impressive De Bejinkorf! A store full of designer beauties and beauty products galore, I quite literally was in heaven in that store, so much so that we spent a solid 3 hours just roaming around taking it all in! The whole city was really easy to navigate round and had such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to it!

The first day we just got used to the city and walked around for hours trying to orientate ourselves and find things to do for the following days! I already had  in mind that I wanted to see a few toursity things and we managed to squeeze them all in! After an earlyish night on the Friday we got up early Saturday morning (My actual birthday) so I opened up a few cards that I brought with me on the trip! We then quickly got ready and set out on our first proper day! The Hard Rock cafe sounded perfect for a birthday breakfast and that’s exactly what I got! We managed to get a seat right next to the huge windows that over looked one of the many, many canals! Callum had pancakes whilst I went for the cinnamon french toast, maple sauce and strawberries, it was my birthday after all! Then we walked round to see the Banksy and Andy Warhol exhibition! It was insane, I would highly recommend seeing it!

We then just carried on walking around and exploring different areas of Amsterdam! We found a street which for the life of me I cannot remember the name of which had a Chanel made of glass bricks, it was just breath taking! Everywhere we walked in Amsterdam we were surrounded by so many sweet treats so we were never left hungry, its a good job we did so much walking (most of my time in heels so 100 woman points for me!) Side note: Don’t wear heels around Amsterdam as my legs were in bits by the end of the trip, although my shoes did look great!) 

The Sunday was spent checking out a few shops and then the huge De Bijenkorf, and then Ann Franks house! We definitely should have booked the tickets before hand on this one as we queued for 2 hours in the cold to get in, although it was worth the wait and I’m so glad that I had the chance to see such an influential piece of history! That night we had tickets for the Ice Bar! We had mojitos in the warm bar and then made our way into the ice bar around half 8 that evening! We had to wear their coats and gloves on top of our own as the ice bar was -9.4 degrees! We even had glasses made out of ice that were filled with either beer, vodka or orange juice, we were even able to try the Nutella flavoured vodka!

On the last day we went for breakfast in a super dutch restaurant who were famous for their pancakes! We of course went for their house special with mini stroopwoffles inside the actual pancakes! Before we left we were given a little post card, I’ve still got it now actually, to remember the place along with coffee boiled sweets, they weren’t my favourite if i’m honest! We then took our last stroll along the canals and the picturesque city, picked up a few tacky but essential gifts and made our way back to the Tulip Inn and checked out! We jumped back onto the train and went back to the airport and made our way home!

It was the most incredible way to spend my 20th birthday and the time just flew by! That long weekend has made me want to travel even more this year, even if I’m on a strict student budget!

I’ve tried to keep this as short as possible but if you want to know anymore about my trip away just let me know! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look into Amsterdam!

Thanks for reading,

Love Shan!

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