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So with my trip to Edinburgh in mind (There will be more on this soon so keep your eyes peeled!) I needed to get my tan ON! But recently I’ve found it impossible to find the time to actually tan my whole body, I’m definitely the girl who just tans the bits of skin on show and hopes for the best! But when this tanning mitt from Bronzie UK came through my mail box I knew it was the one for me! There’s nothing worse when it comes to tanning, than not being able to tan your back! It’s such a pain having to stretch round to do it, especially when you’re in a rush or like me are pretty much falling asleep standing whilst tanning the night before! So having the extra material which acts as a mitt that you can just quickly rub across your whole back, is a life saver! NO FUSS, NO STREAKS &  NO STRETCHING! What more could I want? 



‘Now let’s get into my fuss free tanning routine’



We all know to exfoliate our skin before tanning as it increases the longevity of our tan and gives us a much more even finish, so there’s no need for me to go into that! But if you don’t, then you should probably have a little word with yourself before you try and become a bronzed goddess next! So whenever I apply a fresh layer of tan I make sure my skin is completely dry before applying the dry oil from Bondi Sands! Super quick disclaimer: Bondi Sands is my all time fave tan, the end! I just adore this dry oil, it maybe the first dry oil that i’ve tried but it’s certainly not the first product I’ve tried from the Bondi range! It gives off the most naturally sun kissed glow without that orange tinge! Trust me, I’ve been there and it’s not a cute look, especially for someone who is as naturally pale as me! I find that just a few pumps of this over each part of my body is enough, I tend to go for 3-4 for the lower parts of my arms and legs and then a couple more if I need a bit more coverage! What I especially love about this dry oil is that you can see where you’ve applied the tan, although it is a gradual tan and you will need to let it develop over night, or in the day if ou prefer! So there’s no risk of missing a bit of skin and totally giving away that your glow is actually faux!

So I always start from my neck, chest, arms and then work down when I’m applying my tan, and there’s no real reason for this other than it’s just something I do so that I don’t forget a patch of pale skin! When it comes to my face however i’m not the biggest fan of applying the tan there! So instead I just opt for a slightly darker foundation and then go to town with the cream bronzer, my personal fave being the Chanel universal bronzer! 

Let me know your favourite products for tanning and if you’ve tried the Bronzie mitt for yourself! Don’t forget to check them out on Instagram!



Shirt | Cotton Trader

Mitt | Bronzie UK*

Fake tan | Bondi Sands

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