Clear mind, clear skin with Sonya skin care

Over the last month or so I have been regularly testing out a new skin care brand. A brand that up until I received the package a good 6 weeks ago, I had never really considered. If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while now, you may already know that I have dehydrated skin and it is the bane of my life (kinda dramatic I know) and I am constantly on the hunt for skincare that not only combats my dry skin but leaves my face feeling plump and looking glowy ALL DAY LONG!

Other skin care that I have been loving


I’m an avid cleanser lover, I find that it’s the perfect thing of a morning to really wake me up and this one is no different! So, I’ve been challenging myself to be a more positive thinker and alter my mindset for the better, so taking that time out before a busy day to really focus on what I want to achieve is so personally beneficial. And what lasts for about 5 minutes of a morning, my skincare routine!  The aloe purifying cleanser is what I have been using to kick things off. It has the most perfect scent that isn’t too over powering but almost gives off a spa-like feel to it! and who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve just been to a spa?!  The packaging is soon convenient too, a squeezey  bottle that means you actually get to use up the whole amount and is super easy to travel with! Oh and not to mention how much of a difference the deep cleanser makes, those days where your makeup has been on for hours and hours and you just want to deep clean and exfoliate your skin, this is so ideal!


Toning is something I would always miss out of my everyday routine as I never really understood the benefits, or more to the point, the actual point of a toner! But since using all of the products regularly I can really see that having a toner that is slightly more acidic helps to neutralise my skin as well as smoothing it out and removing any residual oil that the cleaner hasn’t picked up. I just pour a couple of drops onto a cotton pad and rub it across my face making sure that I swipe across my face in outwards motions.


Before I use any moisturiser now I always apply a serum and the nourishing serum with white tea* which again is apart of the Sonya collection, helps to enhance the benefits of the moisturiser! I apply a small amount to my cotton pad and again swipe it over my face! I used to be all about super thick moisturisers that would take forever to soak in and and leave my skin feeling super gross and greasy! But now I’m all about the gel like moisturisers that are much lighter and absorb into my skin a lot better! And the balancing one that’s part of the Sonya collection is so ideal! and it even comes with a little spoon so you don’t need to worry about scooping it out with your fingers! 


One thing I’ve been making such an effort with is increasing my water intake! I received the cutest water bottle for christmas so I’ve been using that and filling it up 2-3 times a day and just sipping away at it whilst working! Ive definitely noticed that my annoying blemishes on my chin have cleared up and my skin is a lot more naturally glowy! and a huge bonus is that my headaches are near enough non existent, yay!

Post details 

Daily cleanser* : Forever living

Toner* : Forever living 

Milk serum*: Forever living

Balancing moisturiser* : Forever living

Deep cleanser* : Forever living

Mirror : The Range

Dressing gown : Ted Baker Similiar

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, which skincare brands are you absolutely loving right now?



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