Places to eat, sleep and take Instagram photos when in Dublin

Day 1

So I originally booked this trip as part of my boyfriend’s birthday present at the end of July, so for me this city break was kinda rushed as I’m one of those girls who’s used to booking a holiday a year in advance! But not this time, I headed to sky scanner a couple of weeks before, to look at some flights and the next thing I knew, I’d found the most insane deal and two return tickets were brought! But anyway, on the first day, the 21st August 2017 we woke up around 3:30am and then dragged ourselves out of bed to get ready to leave for the airport at 4:00am. Of course me being me, I fell asleep for pretty much the whole drive and woke up just before we pulled up at the airport. Total win in my eyes! Once we took our luggage out of the car we headed over to the terminal where we went ahead through security. I’m all about that fuss free life with airports, so not having to check in any luggage made my day, win x2!! We made our way to spoons for breakfast and ordered the usual, 2 OJ’s, eggs Benedict and a full english breakfast. You can take a guess at who ordered what! Then shortly after headed to the departure lounge, picked up the latest edition of Elle magazine and boarded the plane!

So I booked to stay at the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin and I used, this is where I’ve booked all of my most recent trips from! It was super dreamy with an all marble bathroom, a hand written personal welcome letter and a box of chocolates! And due to where the hotel was located, it meant that we had to walk through the most instagrammable locations to get to the city centre, and I was totally fine with that!


Our hotel was positioned right by the Aviva stadium, so naturally my boyfriend wanted to go and have a look around it! We strolled over and booked for the next available space which was conveniently only 15 minutes later! And what’s even better is that we didn’t need to pay for the tickets because they were included in our Dublin passes! The tour took around an hour and was surprisingly a lot better than I anticipated! After that we then headed back to the Hotel to check in as we couldn’t officially do so until round 2:30pm! Although they did let us drop off our luggage! But once did check in, we changed out of our travel clothes and made our way to the city centre to find a place to eat, naturally this meant walking around for about an hour before deciding on a place! We ended up going to some american themed restaurant, the decor was pretty insane but over all it wasn’t the bests, of course I can’t actually remember the name of place, which thinking about it probably speaks for itself! I just remember that we ordered the biggest bowl of nachos and some cocktails and it could have almost paid my rent in Cardiff!

Day 2

This was our only full day exploring Dublin so we really had to make the most of it and cram in as much as we possibly could! We took a city tour bus to the Guiness Storehouse and spent a few hours going around there! It was SO much bigger than I originally thought so of course I had to have a coffee half way, but again so much better than I expected it to be! We even managed to go to the VIP room to pour our own pint! We then went on another tour bus and headed towards the Jameson Distillery to do the Whiskey tour, but before that we stopped off to have a bite to eat at the cutest little cafe right next to Jameson’s! By 3pm I was definitely a little light headed so we headed back to our hotel around 4:30, got ready for the evening and headed out to Zizzi and then to the Oh-so-expensive-but-totally-worth-it Temple Bar!

Day 3

We made the most of the last day by exploring all the independent stores and parks in Dublin! The weather was so good so sitting on the grass after a Starbucks trip, listing to a band play was very welcomed after a few days of walking around all day, everyday! And walking in heels at night! We also tried to visit the Kilmainham Gaol but because we didn’t book our tickets in advance we missed out on it, which I was kinda gutted about as it seemed like it would have been so interesting! We also found a wax work place on our way back to the airport which we also wished we had gone to! But i’m sure we will go back at some point and explore even more, it seemed as though the more we looked the more things we found to do there!

Dublin Pass

Before our trip we brought a Dublin Pass (have a little look for yourself to see all of the things included in the pass here) and it was honestly the best thing we did! And its the one thing that I really recommend that you do if you are thinking going over to Ireland to experience all of the typical touristy things! We booked ours a few days in advance, as they luckily had a 10% discount at the time!  We picked the 3 day pass then downloaded the app straight away, as being typical millennials we constantly had our phones in our hands so it was super easy to use and saved a tonne of time and most importantly money! The pass included airport transfers from the airport to the city centre, one thing that we didn’t realise at the time though was that the pass didn’t include transfers back to the airport from the city centre!  But we just brought tickets for the exact same coach at the site seeing store for a couple of euros. Buying the pass also meant that we got free entry to a tonne of typical touristy spots!

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