Embracing myself after a whirlwind year… and a bit of cosmetic work!

As I sit here in my boyfriend’s dressing gown, lemsip to hand and my annual cold taking over my lifeactually, it’s a few days later now and I’m no longer full of cold, the lemsip must have cured me, anyway lets carry on, this winter combo has got me thinking about how much I’ve changed as a person in the last 12 months! Gone are the days where I would over analyse and dissect every single conversation, photo and even choice of emoji that a person would send me! When the inevitable happens, which it did on the 2 January 2017 if you didn’t already know, and if you didn’t then you should probably read this, you eventually think fuck it! And that’s certainly where I am in my life almost 12 months later. Over the last year I’ve built my emotional strength back up to a point where I am at my happiest, truly happy and that’s down to not giving a fuck! Maybe that book by Sarah Knight that I brought mum 2 years ago stuck with me, but then again maybe not, but the real point is I’m seeing myself, my life and everyone around me in a much more positive light!

S H O P  M Y  C H R I S T M A S  D A Y  S T Y L E

I’ve certainly started to embrace myself a lot more, I know I’m not the slimmest, the most tanned or have the most perfectly proportioned chin Yep this is a thing, being self conscious of your own chin! But I’m totally fine with it! Something that had bothered me since having my 2nd lot of braces removed a good 4 or 5 years ago were the size of my teeth, as some of the front were slightly smaller, I believed it gave off a very youthful look, one of which that is totally fine, but for me, I just wasn’t happy with it! In a profession where first impressions can impact so much, I wanted to feel comfortable with my smile, as I am a super smiley person which on contrary to my usual resting bitch face that most people are accustom with, I actually am a very smiley person! So a couple of months before my 21st birthday I had my very first consultation for veneers! I didn’t want anything that would be super invasive or unnatural looking, but I did want quite a change! After speaking with one of the dental nurses and then my actual dentist, we decided on just top row composite veneers as my bottom teeth were all of the same size and were pretty straight from my brace before!

A month or so later I went back to the dentist for my impressions, which is where a practitioner shoves a load of putty in a gum-shield-type-of-thing and presses it over your teeth and holds it there for what feels like eternity, until it dries and then pulls it out! If you’ve ever had this done, you will know exactly how weird it feels, it legit feels like they are pulling out your teeth, but minus the pain! And that was literally it for that appointment, £150 for all of 8 minutes work, maybe I should have gone into dentistry instead?! Then another month or so passed and it was finally time to get the veneers fitted… the whole process was pretty quick! I haven’t a clue about the technical stuff on how they were actually fitted but from what I could make out was that the dentist used a composite material over my teeth (as I didn’t have them shaved down like some people do when they get porcelain) and then cured it with a light, gently rounded the edges of my teeth and then that was it! All in all it took just over an hour and I didn’t need any local anaesthetic at all! Straight away I was so happy with my teeth, and almost a 6 weeks later, I am just as happy as I was when I first held up that mirror to check them out!

I am in no means saying that my happiness has come from getting cosmetic work done, but what I am saying is that acting on something that I knew would provide me with happiness has! Being more confident in my own body, with my own smile, has of course given me a huge confidence boost and I’m certainly not ashamed to admit that, even though there is such a taboo in this area I’m totally up for discussing it! Going back to the start of my second year of uni when our lectures told us that 3 of our modules required 20 minute presentations from our clinical placements, I actually had a mini freak out as I had no confidence in my ability at all, but by the time it came to actually delivering them, I was totally fine if anything I kinda love it! Me, actually enjoying public speaking? What? That’s got to be a success in its own right surely, gaining confidence in myself by simply not giving a fuck, not putting so much pressure on myself and knowing exactly what I want. Having the certainty of my own identity and knowing what I like and what I don’t has really sculpted me this year, and with that it’s also sculpted my wardrobe a little too! Now I’m no self defined, sassy fashion blogger but scrolling through Insta endlessly and watching haul after haul on Youtube, you get to know the trends and I’ve definitely been way more adventurous with my outfit choices towards the latter part of the year! Seriously, I brought a beret yesterday and I totally plan on over wearing it! Knee high boots, a bright pink chunky knit and statement earrings are all things you wouldn’t have seen me in 12 months ago, but now I will casually where stiletto knee highs to brunch and Insta story the shit out of it, all because I stopped giving a fuck what people thought and started focussing on what I liked instead!

I’m still totally indecisive of what I want for tea most days, every day in fact, just ask Callum, but from this whole whirl wind of a year, I’ve realised I can smile confidently for so many more reasons than just a bit of great dentistry!

S H O P  M Y  C H R I S T M A S  D A Y  S T Y L E

Until next time, S x

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