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There’s nothing that can make me feel a little more human, and a glamorous one at that, than a full pamper! Exfoliating, face masks, shaving those legs and pouring fake tan all over myself, if it means I can spend some time on myself, I’m all for it! So when I recently worked on an Instagram campaign all about just that, well needless to say I was totally in my element!

 Venus Spa Breeze Razor

Removing body hair with a razor is one of the quickest ways to do so, and the three blades and matching moisture bars leave your legs super smooth, so that leaves more time for getting ready or most importantly, more time for yourself! Wether that’s drinking a cuppa in your new silky pjs that you opened on Christmas day, or throwing on your recently purchase bodycon for a gals night out!


       ‘The perfect tool for those new to hair removal as the build in flexible moisture bars create a light lather enriched with body butter for a skin-loving lather and smooth shave in one easy stroke’ 


Braun Silk-Epil 5 Starter Kit* 

I’ve recently started epilating and my god doesn’t it hurt? Is it just me or is it like totally painful?! But the results are so worth having the beautifully smooth legs so, even though I complain the whole time and state ‘I’m never doing it again!’ I already know I’m just lying to myself! Maybe I will just stick with the beginners cap for a little while longer until I’m brave enough to face the proper-grown-up-cap!

       ‘An epilator designed for those new to epilation seeking a gentle introduction to root hair removal. it features a beginners cap with belt in Gilette Venus blade technology which shave and pilates at the same time, depilating 60% of the hairs and shaving the rest for the first 4 weeks and until used to the sensation of epilation. After which switching to the full epilation cap will epilate 100% of his for up to four weeks of smoothness’

I always love to add a generous helping of moisturiser to my legs before I go out anywhere with the pins on show, and if I’m going out out, then I even add a little bit of a golden highlighter, usually mac soft and gentle, to my shins because, well… why the hell not?! Also I was kindly gifted a tonne of Soap and Glory products by Cal’s parents as part of my christmas present so I’m certainly going to be getting the use out of all of the goodies over the next few weeks, and I also noticed that the Righteous Butter Creamy body wash is in there, and that’s perfect for shaving!



This post contains gifted items*

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