What on Earth am I going to do in 2018?

So 2017 has been a total whirl wind, the start of the year was absolutely horrific and in all honesty the rest of the year was pretty shitty too, although I did upload a year in review on my Insta stories recently and it wasn’t ALL that bad actually! But in amongst the loss of loved ones, I have most certainly found a new love for living in the moment! Too cliche, probably but who really gives a damn? Don’t get me wrong there were some pretty memorable moments, like the many many spa trips with my mum, the many more cocktails and bottles of prosecco consumed and not to mention the 3 spontaneous holidays in 12 months, soon to be 4 in the space of 14 months, but who’s counting hey! So seeing as it’s the New Year and we are all tweeting our resolutions about healthy eating and working hard, you know the ones that we will no doubt break within 11 days, I thought I would share with you whats on my list of goals for 2018, so enjoy it!


Now I’m no full time blogger, nor do I plan on being one but what I do want to do is document my life, my thoughts, my feelings, the good, the bad and the hungover, in a way I haven’t before! I want to get creative on here and make it a space that i’m proud of and come 6 months or even a years time I can look back and feel proud of what I’ve achieved!


You may or may not know, that I’m currently an undergraduate at Cardiff Uni, it’s still so surreal that I get to say that, despite being able to for the last 3 years, I still feel like 18 year old Shan leaving Sixth Form in her burgundy clio, and not 21 year old Shan who is soon to be a graduate! So with that, I kinda need a full time job lined up, so 2018, preferably January/February time please be good to me because this girl needs to get organised and have her life figured out a little, before that cap and gown day! And preferably with a 1st Class Honours degree pls!

Life goals

Considering I managed to squeeze in 3 holidays on a student budget, both Callum and I visited Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Dublin, I’m pretty determined to match that over the next 12 months! We already have Italy lined up in Feb, so I’m sure I can persuade him to come on a few more, we both have Iceland in mind at the moment! And with that I want to add in a little travel element to my blog, not just the travel that requires your passport, but the cute little cafe in my hometown, and a few more undiscovered places that I’m yet to tick off my bucket list.

I desperately want to get back into fitness, considering there’s probably more gyms in Hereford than there are coffee shops now, I should probably ditch my extra caffeinated lifestyle for one that contains dumbbells, 6am spin classes and the occasional avocado! Would Avo and poached eggs on toast, post Saturday night count? I think so!

All I have thought about over the last 6 months or so is moving into my own home, not with my parents and absolutely not my student house in Cardiff, but my actual own home with Callum and a little sausage dog, called Kingsley! So saving money is a must this year, we plan on building our own home but that’s a whole different story! Our best friends even brought us a coffee machine and Mr and Mrs mugs for the house, so I’m pretty sure it’s a done deal that we need to get saving!

And finally I want to read more, I have a tonne of books in mind that I want to get through… oh and podcasts, I desperately want to start listening to them! I already have ‘Keeping it Candid’ in mind by Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton, I can just envision myself on my morning commute to placement or whilst making dinner just listening to them all!

I’m not exactly one for having the longest of lists, (which is weird because I love crossing things off a pre constructed collection of tasks to do) but when it comes to goals, I like to just keep it to a minimum and then add to it later on in the year, so it doesn’t seem overwhelming! So I will probably add to it every couple of months and see how much of a success, or total flop it’s been! What are your goals for 2018?

Until next time, S x


S H O P  S I M I L A R  T O  T H E  P O S T


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