My experience with cosmetic work!

A couple of blogposts ago now, it’s this one right here if you missed it.  I mentioned I had some cosmetic work done and I was not expecting the response that I got from it all, it seems like you all love to read a bit of personal gossip, hey? I can’t blame you though, I’m all for it too! I put up a poll on my Instagram stories asking if you would like to read more about getting veneers, and I’m so pleased that so many of you did, because I honestly feel like it was one of the best decisions that I’ve made, not the poll, but getting my smile fixed that is! I feel like the main questions that you’re all probably wanting answers for are the exact same questions that were running through my mind before I had them done! Will it hurt? How long is it going to take? Don’t they have to shave your teeth down though? And erm, HOW MUCH IS THIS GOING TO COST! Well, let me tell you exactly how it went down for me!

Before the veneers.

So when I was a lot younger I had a back bite, so basically my top teeth sat behind my bottom teeth whenever I clenched my jaw together, it was literally impossible for me to allow my top teeth to sit in front like what most other people had! So my dentist at the time, suggested to my parents that I should get a brace fitted to try and realign my jaw and it worked! I remember being in primary school and it wasn’t as cool to have braces at that point, but I think I had them for less than a year, so I wasn’t overly fussed! Then high school came and of course, like every other person it seemed, I had traditional ‘train track’ braces to realign my teeth to a more cosmetically friendly way! It was pretty painless but it just felt like forever that I had this metal in my mouth, I’m pretty sure it was at least 2 years. Although, I was one of the lucky ones who managed to have them off before my prom, I wasn’t ever really happy with the end result! I was happy that the annoying metal had gone but my top row just seemed a little off, and that was because of the size and shape of my teeth, rather than the positioning.

When I made the decision to get veneers.

So around January 2017 I decided that for my 21st birthday I would get veneers, it had always been in my mind that at some point I would get them, but that’s when I officially told myself I would. I started off googling my different options, and the two that stood out were porcelain and composite veneers. Then from there, I begun watching different youtube videos about both of the processes and how people felt during their journey. It quickly became apparent to me that I didn’t want to have porcelain veneers so before I even found a dentist, I knew exactly what I wanted. And I think that’s so important, if you are thinking about veneers, to have fully know what you want and not to get side tracked with suggested options, but obviously if you are being advised to have any dental work in order to be ‘dentally fit’ which is a phrase I had never heard before, then you should go with that! So now i’m at the point where I know that I want my top 4 teeth fixed with composite veneers, I’m fine with the rest of my teeth and in all honesty they were pretty white anyway so I didn’t think having them whitened would be appropriate for me at the time!



Making the initial consultation.

I had a brief look around Hereford’s dentists, basically I went on Instagram and looked at some before and after shots and then went onto the websites of the ones I liked the most! I then opted for Hereford Dental Clinic and i’m so glad I did! Contacting them was effortless, I simply went onto their website and emailed about getting composite veneers and within a couple of days I had a reply and was having a free, yes FREE consultation with a dental nurse and then my dentist. I was greeted by the lovely receptionist Natalie (who’s a total dream musician, seriously she’s so talented!) and then waited in the downstairs waiting room whilst I filled out an application form, before I was called upstairs to discuss my options. All of the staff were so welcoming and friendly, and made the whole process so enjoyable, as I was a little anxious about the process, despite knowing a few people who had veneers themselves! I was then able to talk through different options and then went to a treatment room for my dentist to look at my teeth to see if he needed to do any essential work, or another brace  (which I was pretty adamant I wouldn’t be having) before my veneers, and thankfully my teeth were all in great condition, so the process could start straight away. I was then emailed a treatment plan wit a breakdown of the estimated costs!


Having my veneers – Did it hurt?

A month later I was back at the dental clinic for diagnostic waxing, which is where they take 2 moulds of your teeth in order to create a template for the dentist to work from before you go in for the real thing! I was in and out within 20 minutes, and it was completely pain free! Then another few weeks later I was back for the real deal! Within a minute of walking into the treatment room again, I was lay down, mouth open, mouth guard in with both the dentist and dental nurse working on my new smile. There was no need to shave my teeth down, as the composite material built up on top of my existing teeth, so I didn’t need any anaesthetic either! It was a little uncomfortable at times, especially when they would use the tool to smooth down the material so it was flat against my teeth, but over all it was painless and it took all of an hour and a bit! The dentist wanted to see me a month later to see if I was still happy with the result and a few other things like, how does my bite feel and if there are any areas that feel rough, or if the aesthetics were off a little now I had time to get used to them!

What do Hereford Dental Clinic say about composite build ups?

‘Composite build ups are a way of changing the colour and shape of your teeth using a composite dental restorative material and also dental adhesive resins.’

‘If you suffer from any blemishes, unevenness, gaps, or you are just generally unhappy with the way your teeth look, a composite build up could be an effective treatment for you.’

‘Is the composite resin used safe? Yes. All the materials we use for our treatments are tried, tested, and ensured to be safe to use. Our composite is BPA (bisphenol-A) free.’

How much did it cost?

All in all, £670! The breakdown was £150 for the diagnostic waxing and then £130 per tooth – I had my upper right canine, upper right incisor, upper left canine and upper left incisor reconstructed.

If you have any more questions about the process, then feel free to message me or leave a comment below.

Until next time,

S x

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