Miss Shan Louise is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog! Each post has been carefully created to inspire you, the reader, either through the latest beauty bits, outfit ideas with a focus on ‘The luxury look for less’ and sharing personal experience’s. I hope that my positive outlook radiates through every aspect of my blog!


I’ve always had a love for beauty, fashion and generally being creative but since leaving school and starting higher education I’ve not had the opportunity to pursue it! Having a balance in life is super important to me especially as I’m currently doing such an intense degree, so taking the time out to focus on something that’s a little more light hearted is much needed.
This year i’m aiming to become a much more carefree person and inject my personality into my blog that little bit more. Developing my own personal style, becoming ‘ME’ and allowing my happiness to flourish is where my focus lies this year! I hope you enjoy reading…


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Everything that I post here on Miss Shan Louise, will be my own honest thoughts and opinions, on products that I have purchased myself, unless marked with an asterisk. In which case the product has been gifted to me. Regardless of the fact that some products are PR samples, my opinion will not be altered in any means as I want to stay true to my readers. (Not all of the kindly gifted products may reach my blog, however they will be posted on my social media accounts)
Please note that all skin types are very different and what may work for me, may not have the same benefits for you, and vice versa.
And finally, all of the images on Miss Shan Louise are my own, unless stated otherwise.


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